What can I expect when I visit?

If you plan to join us for worship (we hope you do), here’s what you can expect.  You will be welcomed into the church by a kind and loving group of believers who desire to worship Jesus, learn more about His Word, how we can serve, and how we can connect to others.

If you have toddler age or younger children, they can either join you in the worship service or you may choose to place them in our nursery.  Upon entering into the worship center, we hope you will feel free to grab a cup of coffee and/or refreshments provided if you’re hungry or enjoy coffee.  Soon after, someone will come on stage to welcome everyone and give weekly announcements.

After the announcements, the band will take the stage and lead the congregation in a few songs of praise to Jesus, followed by our main sermon. Children will be dismissed after worship to join our children’s leader for an age appropriate Bible study.

Following the sermon, there will be a time of prayer and reflection on what the Lord has said to each of us before we sing a closing song of praise.  We have staff members available to talk and pray with whoever needs to talk or pray throughout this time of the service.

How should I dress?

We are a casual and contemporary church.  We just ask that you wear clothes.  Our congregation wears whatever they feel most comfortable wearing.  For most people, that involves jeans and varying types of shirts, while a few might occasionally wear clothes that appear business casual.  We simply want you to feel comfortable because Jesus is concerned with our hearts rather than our outward appearance.

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