Our Church, Our Community

At New Beginnings, our doors are wide open to people from all backgrounds, regardless of where they are on their spiritual journey. What people usually notice first about us is the life-giving nature of our ministry. Our goal is to infuse life and God’s love into people and families through engaging, powerful worship services that offer biblical truth in relevant and practical ways.

God has called us to be a church of outreach; that is a church with arms wide opened to the community, where a homeless friend can sit next to a lawyer or doctor. We are not just a church in the community, but a church of community. We follow the model of Christ in Matthew 20:28  “we exist to serve, and not to be served.” Our communities are our greatest and most important mission field. Along with the homeless and needy, there are many broken in our community who simply need a place to grow and feel loved. It is our heart to be this type of church. Our focus will always be relationships and community. 

In our relationship with God, our family, our friends, and our world … it’s where new heights begin. We invite you to worship with us this Sunday!

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